Video Streaming

Quadrant Avionics specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality H.264 video streaming server products for the airborne marketplace.  All of our products are designed in-house from the ground up and, as such, we can deal with almost any video formats known including many non-standard or lesser used formats such as STANAG and legacy output formats from Radar and other mission computing systems.


Use of hardware only compression delivers ultra-low latency video streaming for mission critical applications.  Multicast RTSP encapsulation means that video is transmitted over the network with minimal additional latency and ensures that multiple stations can receive the image stream without adding network overhead.  Other encapsulation methods are available if required. 


Standard and Baseline Profiles are supported with constant or variable bit-rates.  Video compression can therefore be adjusted to suit the available bandwidth, transmission or recording requirements.  Video resolutions of up to 2K @ 60Hz can be accommodated with ease.    


Typical applications include the compression and streaming of video from FLIR sensors, Radar systems and other computer sources. 


If you don't see a suitable product for your application please contact us.

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