Integra™ VX-4003 Video Standards Converter (Composite or Y/C PAL/NTSC Output)

The VX-4003 is an extremely rugged high performance airborne qualified Video Standards Converter and a member of Quadrant Avionics Integra suite of integrated mission equipment.

Features Include

  • 1 SD or HD-SDI Input      (VX-4003-200)
  • 1 RGB Input                    (VX-4003-210)  
  • 1 DVI Input                     (VX-4003-220) 
  • 1 Composite or Y/C Input (VX-4003-230)
  • 1 Composite or Y/C PAL/NTSC Output
  • Broadcast Quality Video Conversion (10 Bit)
  • Frame Rate Conversion
  • RGB > YUV or YUV > RGB Colour Space Conversion
  • Complete 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3 Aspect ratio conversion support
  • Professional motion-adaptive de-interlacing
  • Light Weight & Low Power
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Weight 1.1Kg / Power 28Vdc 7W
  • High Reliability
  • Non ITAR

Inputs Supported

  • All VESA DVI / RGB Resolutions and Frame Rates
  • Analogue HD RGB and YUV
  • Interlaced RGB Sync-on-Green (STANAG 3350 etc.)
  • All SDI and HD-SDI Formats to 1080P/60 (3G)
  • Composite or Y/C PAL/NTSC

Outputs Supported

  • Composite or Y/C PAL/NTSC


For other output standards please refer to the VX-400x products.


Generic and platform specific qualification including:


  • RTCA DO-160 (rotorcraft and fixed wing)
  • MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-810
  • RTCA DO-178B and DO-254


  • In Production
  • Delivery 6-8 Weeks